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Pawapi Beach Resort, Koh Mook Your Tropical holiday secret!


We take our responsibility to be eco-friendly and preserve the beauty and integrity of Koh Muk seriously. This includes sustainable use of all our resources.

You won’t find single use plastic bottles in your room at our eco resort Thailand. We supply you with a water bottle that you can refill at any time from the dispense in the reception area.

We separate grey water and use it for irrigation, and rainfall is collected and returned to the ground via dry wells,

We ask our guests to use their towels and sheets for three days before changing them, so please be sure to place towels on the rails provided.

We have instigated a program to grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruits means we can cut down on the use of packaging and significantly reduce our dependence on transported produce. Our seafood is all sustainably caught and provides local fishermen with their traditional income. 

Our garden provides a natural habitat for birds and other native animals so we never spray pesticides and all of our fertilizers are organic.  We compost 100% of our food waste on the property to improve our top soil.